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Skype Lessons

Private Lessons

I teach out of my home in metro-Detroit. I have plenty of room for the student’s bass as well as mine. Parent’s are welcome to stay if they wish - some do, some don’t and either way is fine with me. I have over 16 years of private teaching experience and over 8 years experience teaching in the public schools setting. I am certified to teach public schools in Michigan. I am primarily a classical/jazz/rock/ska/punk/Motown/funk bassist. I bow using a French style bow. I do have experience on German bow and do teach my students how to bow both French and German.

I offer 30 min. ($25) or 1 hour ($45) lessons. I recommend that new students begin with a one hour lesson so we can evaluate the student's needs from there. Please pay in cash or check made to: Michael Rais. If you need to cancel please give at least 24 hours notice. I also reserve the right to discontinue lessons if the student is repeatedly unprepared / not practicing.

I am also available for lessons via Skype. E-mail for details.

If you need to rent an instrument check out: Shar Music or Marshall Music (Michigan)

I use the following texts that students will need to purchase if they continue studying. You can purchase them from anywhere you’d like - music store, amazon, etc.

Double Bass: - New Method for the Double Bass 1 by: Simandl - (Depending on student’s ability) - Petracchi Simplified Higher Technique for Double Bass - Rollez Method for Double Bass - Suzuki Bass solos (Based on students playing level) - George Vance Progressive Repertoire for Double Bass (Based on students playing level) I use other etude books such as: Slama, Hrabe, Zimmerman, A Contemporary Concept of Bowing by Frederick Zimmerman (Excerpt / Orchestral Study books by Zimmerman).

Electric Bass: - The Bass Bible by: Paul Westwood (All students) - Essential Elements 2000 Bass book 1 by: Hal Leonard (for beginning students)

Optional Electric Bass supplement materials: - Any band/artist song book with tab AND notation. (Student chooses)

Why Study with me?

1. My students excel. I have had students that auditioned for music schools, perform in solo and ensembles with ratings of 1, perform in state orchestras, and pursue other music endeavors.

2. I am a teacher AND performer. I have degrees in each and I enjoy both!

3. I’ve studied with a wide variety of teachers and players.

4. I am organized and have a curriculum.

5. I provide a well balanced musical diet.

6. I am very passionate about music and what I do.

7. I am always studying, practicing and searching out new techniques, pieces, at music conferences, online, and attending live performances.

E-mail me: MichaelRaisBassist AT gmail DOT com

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