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FMS Orchestra / Shades of Blue

Michael Rais arrangement of "Stand by Me" performed with Shades Of Blue

Michael performed the bass parts on Slum Village's "Where do we go from here" track. Explicit Lyrics.

Nady Benyamine/Michael Rais

Improvisation jam in the hotel room in Atlanta, GA (ISSQ) presenting at National ASTA Conference.

Michael performed the bass parts on Black Milk's "Black and Brown" track. Explicit Lyrics.

My Grammy Moment

My Grammy moment. Foo Fighters

Eddie Holman: Hey There Lonely Girl

Motown Experience: Live at Ford Field 2015

Shades of Blue; Shake Rattle & Roll

Michigan Arab Orchestra: Nibtidee Minayn il-Hikaya pt.1 - Usama Baalbaki

Michael's music can also be heard on Itunes and Spotify.

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