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My road gear

The road gear. I have an Ampeg portaflex 500w head, 1x15 cab, Squier 77' Vintage reissue jazz bass, James Johnston signature series Squier jazz bass that come with me on the road. I use GHS strings- Boomers and GHS string cleaner. I carry everything in my backpack. Cables, strings, pen/pencil, 10" tablet, Bluetooth page Turner pedal, stand light, cloth, tools, sharpie, 9v, chargers, and more. 

My basses. Why Squier? I have put this debate online on discussion boards. Squier brand gets the stigma that they are a beginning brand instrument. I personally don't think that is the case anymore. The vintage series have changed the Squier game. They have the Duncan designed pick ups. The sound is great! I don't believe that I need a $1k+ bass in order to have a good sounding bass. People in the audience are always amazed to ask me what I am playing when I respond with Squier. I think that the bass comes down to personal choice, a good set up, pick ups, strings and how you play. I have played on some expensive basses that I just didn't care for. I also own some other expensive basses that get some play time but I keep coming back to my Squiers. They are just fun basses! 

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