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What I bring to my Motown shows

Depending on the performance I play, also determines what I bring for the show. A show takes up my whole day, so I need to bring items that are not just my bass and amp. Here is what I bring;

1-2 Basses

Ampeg Amp Head- Portaflex

Ampeg cabinet Portaflex 15"


  • 2 instrument cables

  • Amp to cab cable

  • Tuner cable

  • XLR cable for Amp to soundboard

Guitar strap

Bass case

Tuner pedal- Joyo

9v battery

AAA batteries

Lenovo 10" tablet

IRig Bluetooth pedal

Gig bag for gear

GHS Boomers strings back up

Gruv Gear wrap

Bass guitar stand

GHS Fast Fret

Cleaning Cloth


  • Allen wrench

  • Screw driver

Korg Tuner


Black suit, dress shirt

Tie, black socks, dress shoes

Garment bag


Hair product

Lint roller

Wrinkle free spray


Hand lotion

Shoe wax

USB C / charging blocks


Power strip

Water bottle


Hoodie, in case it is cold on stage during practice


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