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Bass update

I finally got around to updating my James Johnston (Biffy Clyro) signature series Squier bass. I have always had plans in my head for this bass. The guys in the band thought it had a cool vintage look to it with the corroding tone knob plate, pickups and bridge. I wanted to swap it out. So for Christmas my in laws bought me a new tone knob plate, screws, and Hipshot Kick-Ass bridge. I bought myself a new set of Fender pickups. 

I installed a set of new jazz pickups: Open Style Pickups Resistance: About 6.5k , 6.8k. Cover Color: Black Pole spacing : 95mm , 92mm. I had to file the pickguard pickup spot because it was a tight fit. The solidering was quick. I then got it all together, cleaned the frets, fingerboard, oiled/conditioned it, put a new set of GHS Boomers on it. Set the action, cleaned the pots and I was ready to go. It sounds great! The sustain is crazy and the tone is sounding sweet. 

I also used the GHS fingerboard cleaner. This stuff is great. So it has a small file to clean the frets. You can see two I did and next to the rest. Big difference. Then I applied the cleaner on the fingerboard and it gave it a nice shine. 

My 77' reissue Squier, I just put a new pickguard on it. I think it looks cooler now.

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