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Educational Downloads

Transcriptions (PDF) - Found on Jason Heath Bass page

Transcriptions by Kirsten Paige: Beethoven Violin Sonata No. 5 in F Major, op. 24 (the “Spring Sonata”) – PDF

Schubert Violin Sonata, D. 384

Transcriptions by Jason Heath

Eccles Sonata in A Minor (solo tuning version) for Double Bass and Piano – PDF

from Miloslav Gajdos

Max Dimoff Warm-Up Packet

Cleveland Orchestra principal bass Max Dimoff has a rigorous technical routine that he has developed for double bass players. You can check it out by clicking the link above. This five page packet introduces more advanced techniques, including double stop and thumb position exercises, shiftless scales in thumb position with different fingerings, 3 note progressive scales in thumb position, advanced fingering string crossing exercises and more. Miloslav Gajdos Bowing Packet

Gajdos single string bowing variations – cleaner copy


Czech bass virtuoso and master teacher Miloslav Gajdos has adapted the Sevcik School of Bowing for the double bass in this concise packet. The exercises are organized into ten groups for daily practice.

Scales (PDF)

Here are fingering charts for one and two octave scales with no fingerings at all. That way, you can add your own without a lot of unnecessary scribbling.



Three octave scales:


My fingerings



Jazz Practice Tracks from

Bill Harrison from has made some sample tracks available to Bass Blog readers. Just click the downloads tab to check out these tracks for yourself. At there are tracks available for all instruments. These particular tracks allow the jazz bassist to practice walking bass lines and solos.

Put them on your iPod or other portable MP3 player, practice from your computer, or burn them to CD. Very useful–definitely the next generation of jazz pedagogical tools!

Check out these tracks here (or under the downloads tab):

Bb Blues with piano and drums

Major Turnaround in C with piano and drums

Practice Tracks (MP3)




Jazz Practice Tracks (MP3)


Swing Drums Practice Track MP3 (about 25 minutes of swing drums)

Staff Paper (PDF)


To contribute any and all bass contributions, e-mail me: MichaelRaisBassist AT gmail DOT com

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