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New Bass material to come in 2019!

I am working on a number of musical projects before 2019 comes. I have been motivate to follow through with preparing a conference session on "Developing the young bassist" which will cover elements that will help young bassists get what they need to be successful on their instrument. I have prepared a survey form that I submitted on many topic boards on Facebook. I have already been receiving some great responses.

I am just discovered another great rosin out there that is a hidden gem called Wiedoeft Rosin. The company sent me rosin for my students at school to use. My students love this rosin. It is very clean, little to no dust left from playing. I found this rosin from my friend who told me to try it. Sorry Pops Rosin, but I am Wiedoeft all the way!

I have been playing with many groups such as Motown's The Shades of Blue, Il Segreto String Quartet, Southeastern Michigan Wind Ensemble, Michigan Philharmonic and Seaway Chorale. I am excited to be celebrating 30 years of playing electric bass in 2019. I am working on celebrating and making 2019 special.

I am looking to provide educational videos on developing as a bassist and to provide tips and lessons on a YouTube channel. I am still working on the details.

My life is full of musical things at this time. I am in my 12th year of teaching in music education. I teach middle school band, orchestra and jazz band. I am loving it! This school year, I have two music education practicum students from my alma mater Wayne State University. It is always wonderful working with up and coming teachers.

Looking forward to 2019,


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