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A note for your student

We all need encouragement from time to time. We get busy with our lives, teaching a lot of kids everyday, it can be difficult reaching everyone of them. I heard a podcast about making a note book to write notes for my students. The podcast and blog was from After Sectionals. I thought that I would make my own note sheets and write a few every week to put in my students lockers. 

I created my sheets on Adobe Sparks. I downloaded the PDF of it and uploaded it on Shutterfly. I also ordered my wife a couple note pads too. It was really cheap to have made and the quality was great. 

So I write small notes of something positive or encouragement for my students. It may say "Hey, great job on being able to play the full scale! You have been doing a great job! Keep up the great work". I then leave it in their locker for them to find. I don't say anything to them, but I can tell they read it by how much taller they sit, how much more focused they are or more involved with class. Go on and I challenge you to do this with your students for 2020. 

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