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Side bumpers for my bass

With all of the performing I do on my double bass, from jazz to classical, the side of my bass takes a beating when I lay it down. Not every surface is carpet or a protective floor covering. I needed to do something to preserve the side of my bass. After doing some research, I came across a side bumper protector shown below. This is the leather side protectors by Gollihur Music. Side note; I didn't get any paid advertising or perks for this blog. This is just my experience and review of this product. Gollihur music offers two types of protector, one leather and one rubber. I went with the leather because the color matched my bass well and aside from astetics, the function of the leather seemed to absorb the shock better than leather. 


The process overall took about 30 minutes. I started by laying my bass down and marking the contact points with green painter tape. Then I taped the bumpers on the bottom and placed it where I thought the contact is made. I ran the tape from one end to the other. The package came with an alcohol wipe to clean the surface. After cleaning the area, I proceeded to place the bumpers. One or the bumpers actually split. So I busted out the handy super glue to put it back together. That was a slight bummer of the product. After getting the bumpers installed, it looks beautiful and very functional. 


I really recommend this product. I actually want to buy one more pack to put two more strips in near the bottom of the bass as I lay it down, it won't roll on the corners of the bass. Great product. 

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